Rohana Darlington’s Wall Hangings

These are about my on-going project with landscape and gardenscape inspired wall-hangings. They are displayed on the blog page of my own website at and I offer them to SICA’s website for everyone to see. I’m sending some photos of the first three of these wall hangings as they are part of a series I’m making, and these will include work inspired by summer landscapes that I plan to paint this year.

Here are the three works that I have so far completed.


Hanging inspired by the sight of a hare at sunset escaping over ploughed fields into the stubble at the wheat harvest in Hampshire. Embroidered hares are suspended on invisible strings so that if you flick them they swing as you walk past. Embroidery silks over linen. Photos are of the whole hanging and one of a close up of a hare.

Harvest Hares - Wall hanging by Rohana Darlington

Harvest Hares

Harvest Hares - detail

Harvest Hares (Detail)

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This hanging is inspired by the beautiful spring gardens I discovered in rural Hampshire. The hanging is made in silk using batik, embroidery and silk-painting techniques. Appliqued painted tulips are surrounded by clouds of embroidered forget-me-nots and overhead little blue butterflies typical of the chalk downlands here float over the flowers. The butterflies hover on invisible silk strings and the reverse of their blue wings displays their stunning orange and brown patterns. Photos are of the whole hanging and a close up of butterflies hovering.

Tulips and Forget-me-nots

Tulips and Forget-me-nots

Tulips and Forget-me-nots - detail

Tulips and Forget-me-nots – detail

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Here in Hampshire we’ve explored the beautiful coastline with sand dunes and enormous skies where I found my inspiration for this hanging. These dunes are ever-changing with each tide and overhead a variety of seabirds fly among the Marram grass. This embroidery is made from silks over linen with cotton sea-birds suspended on invisible strings that you can swing as you go past. Photos are of the whole hanging and a close up of an embroidered white sea-bird.

Christmas and Seascape - wall hanging by Rohana Darlington

Christmas and Seascape

Christmas and Seascape - detail

Christmas and Seascape – detail

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Hope you like them. There will be more to follow to reflect the changing seasons.


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  1. Marcus Lampard 5 December 2017 at 6:26 am #

    Most interested in seeing more please.

  2. Marcus Lampard 5 December 2017 at 6:25 am #

    How simply beautiful, I love your work.

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