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SICA Britain will focus on our creative artists and these will include all types of expression from painting through sculpture to manufactured items and theatrical performances. Writers, poets, and literary expressions will also feature.

Creative Artists

Browse through our collection of talent, follow their evolution through working in creative ways that express their inner qualities, and support them with your interest and appreciation. Wherever and whenever possible join in with your own involvement in SICA Britain. 

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Sofia Hughes ∼ Tributes paid on her passing


Maurice Baker ∼ Singer-Songwriter

Upcoming Events

SATURDAY, 6 NOVEMBER 2021 FROM 18:00-19:30 UTC

Puppet King Richard II — Gregory Gudgeon & Lucas Augustine | Pocket Epics 

“Thus play I in one Prison many people, and none contented”
A discovery from the Edinburgh fringe festival 2019: Shakespeare with puppets and music.
In the court of young King Richard, two courtiers fight about which is the traitor. Richard cannot bear the bloodshed, so he banishes them both. One is his cousin Henry Bullingbrooke, who vows to return. Richard, a notorious bisexual, is hated by the old guard led by John of Gaunt. When old Gaunt dies Richard seizes his lands. His followers desert him. Bullingbrooke marches home, deposes Richard, and takes the throne as Henry IV. Thus Shakespeare’s great cycle of history plays begins. Richard dies alone and forgotten in Pomfret Castle, but first he must face one more battle… with himself.