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Granary Arts Village

We had another brilliant day of stone carving yesterday at the Granary. All beginners, a group of 7 who had not met before. Lots of cheer throughout the day and all left smiling and hugging each other. One thing I notice is that the creative community I have been longing to create since I was a kid, is here, when folks relax and work with their hands in a creative skill, putting creativity and technique and problem solving and philosophy to the mix. Stone carving days are not at all about the end result, but about seeing people become happy and engaged and in the moment. We have people from all walks of life carving side by side and encouraging each other on the way. There is no room for being competitive, just creating for the sake of the journey it takes you on. Creativity is where you can take risks, push boundaries, face fears and develop strategies that are tools for every area of your life. An uncarved block can be scary, it exposes our want to be be perfect, not fail or disappoint. None of that matters, let’s make mistakes together, get wiser and have a good laugh on the way !


20 February 2023

Dear fellow creatives

This is another group email to folks interested in creative community living and the shared ownership model. I need to do a final call out to be sure I can share your email addresses with helpers stepping in to keep momentum up when I am busy or just taking time out.
Lu Cozma, a good friend and a professional singer wants to do a few of the emails to focus in on our business model. For that we need your consent, and to those who have remained quiet, we just need to know if you are interested in following our progress still. So please respond with a yay or nay 🙂

Kezia Hoffman <>; <>; Lulu Cozma <>


A campaign for genuinely affordable off-grid homes and low impact workshop and education units for artisans and land based practitioners wishing to develop and share their skills.

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