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Subud International Cultural Association (SICA) Britain is affiliated to Subud® Britain. We are also members of SICA International. SICA is the acronym for The Subud International Cultural Association. It was founded in 1983 by Bapak Mhd. Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo, fondly known by the Subud members as ‘Bapak’. Bapak received a Spiritual Practice or Training know by it’s members as ‘Latihan’.

This practice is open to any human being whatever their creed, religion or belief system. It is through this practice a person may spontaneously experience inner changes that allow them to become more fully human in their everyday life bringing an awareness of greater understanding and comprehension of the bigger picture of all that is.

SICA was established in 1983 by Bapak to enable Creatives, Educators, and Cultural activists of Subud members to form an Associate body to represent the creative disciplines from across all sectors and Nations Worldwide.

Their initial intention was:

  • To establish a communication network for Subud members working in creative fields to share experiences and best practices;
  • To provide opportunities for collaborative projects and mentorship;
  • To build greater public awareness and support for the positive role of arts, culture and creativity can play in the development of Subud in building a more harmonious peaceful World.

Bapak welcomed this new initiative, but advised SICA to embrace a very broad definition of culture as culture is not just about the arts. “The arts can show the way,” he said, “but culture includes all aspects of human endeavour.”

“Culture is the whole complex of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features that characterise a society or social group. It includes not only arts and letters, but also modes of life, the fundamental rights of the human being, value systems, traditions and beliefs.”                                                     

UNESCO quote.

This also led UNESCO to later declare its World Decade for Cultural Development (1988-1997).

In 1993, SICA began a relationship with the newly founded Parliament of World Religions in its work to foster a global ethic of peace. This initiative was also endorsed by the World Wildlife Fund which began a parallel effort to stimulate networking between conservation and religious groups to increase awareness of humankind’s “responsibility towards the natural world.”

In 1998, SICA went on record as affirming the four key objectives of UNESCO’s culture and development agenda:

  • Acknowledging the cultural dimension of development
  • Affirming and enriching cultural identities
  • Broadening participation in cultural life
  • Promoting International cooperation.

Since its beginnings, SICA has been aiding various Cultural and Humanitarian projects through organised exhibitions, workshops, youth camps, performances, concerts, conferences, and publications throughout the world. It has produced international cultural festivals featuring world-class artists and performers, prompting World Peace and Human endeavours.

Its members have also generously contributed their talents to fundraising efforts in support of Susila Dharma International Association’s social projects as well as local Cultural Subud Projects throughout the world.

However, we are in the process of becoming a National Social Enterprise which will enable us to run projects, events, workshops, cultural programmes, and eventually education in Cultural endeavours of the Arts and Sciences which we aim to enhance the wider community both locally and nationally.

Our particular projects that we are supporting here in Britain at the moment are:

DanceWise, Releasing Trauma through Movement Dance and Expressive Arts and,

OGAM Villages, for Aspiring Off-Grid Artisans & Makers, please read the attached pages for further information.

If you would like further information about SICA please do look at SICA Britain’s website, or the  International SICA website Please reach us via