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Picture of Marius Grose (SICA Britain)

SICA (Subud International Cultural Association) is a non-profit making body that aims to support all aspects of true human culture. It is part of Subud®, an international association of people who share a spiritual experience known as the latihan. The movement, founded by Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo, originated in Java, Indonesia in the mid-1930s and remained an informal association until 1947 when it was agreed to use the name Subud®.

The SICA Britain site features work in the fields of painting, literature, film, music or indeed any activity that embodies culture. This website features work mainly made by Subud members in Britain but as we are part of an international body we are happy to work with artists and cultural projects from around the world. The site features work in the fields previously mentioned but we are happy to showcase any activity that is an expression of culture.

Currently SICA worldwide is embarking on a new vision of its role as a body that supports Subud members seeking to understand and express their true inner culture. This support is both through the latihan and through seeking funding for cultural activities from funding bodies. As yet the structures to make this happen are in development but the intention over the next few years is turn SICA into a sustainable and effective organisation. To this end I am aiming to make closer associations with SICA in Europe to widen our scope of activity.

Please spend some time browsing the site and let me know what you think. There is the facility to leave comments about individual’s work and you can always contact me at SICA Britain. I am very happy to talk about featuring work by artists and finding ways to improve and develop the site. If you have an exhibition, concert or other activity coming up please submit details via the contact page and we will put them on the news pages.

Hope you’ll find this of interest and would like to participate.

Marius Grose (SICA Britain coordinator)

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