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Welcome to SICA Britain

Welcome to the SICA Britain website. SICA Britain is affiliated with SICA, an acronym for Subud International Cultural Association. At the moment the SICA Britain team are applying to become a charity for engaging, encouraging and supporting its members by the development of cultural programmes, projects and events. We aim to enrich people’s lives through helping them connect with and express their true inner talents in the world. The charity will offer education, mentoring, grants and support for Cultural endeavours that enhance the development of humanity and the environment through the Arts, Culture and the Sciences.

This website will support and aid its members to showcase their work providing public links to events, shows, workshops, as well as links to their individual websites. Eventually we are looking to run an e-commerce website that will enable members to directly sell their products, services, workshops and events to the public. We agree 15% of all sales will go toward the SICA Britain charity.

If you are interested in acquiring any product displayed on this site, please do get in touch by emailing me at

And if you would like to receive regular updates of ongoing activities please fill out the form.

Many Thanks,

Marianna Lassalle,

SICA Britain Co-ordinator

SICA Britain will focus on our creative artists and these will include all types of expression from painting through sculpture to manufactured items and theatrical performances. Writers, poets, and literary expressions will also feature.