Inner Journey Stories

Following The Path: The Wisdom of Myth and Fairy Tales

‘Inner Journey’ stories with Hesther Bate — A psychotherapist who works with dreams, a storyteller who specialises in tracing the origins of our traditional tales into the lost time of mythology and the ways the pattern of these stories still resonate in our lives today. We use the journey pattern of traditional tales, discovering the archetypal meanings within these, and the way they can resonate in our own lives.


My next workshop, exclusively for women, will use a favourite Russian story, ‘Fenist the Falcon’. With our tools of guided imagination, story, artwork and discussion, we shall follow the Heroine in her journey to rescue her Prince: not, as our European stories have it, the other way round.

Traditionally, winter always has been a time of retreat into the cave of our own being, protecting ourselves from the cold outside. The time of Winter Solstice, in mid-December, usually marks the time of Renewal: the slowly growing Sun preparing the Earth to bring forth new growth. In this time of extreme uncertainty, what growth shall we see for ourselves? What trials might we we see on our own paths?

Beginning on 2nd February, 2022, the 5 sessions will be on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, from 7:00pm – 9:30pm GMT.

Contributions: £10 per session, or £45 for the course paid in advance. Concessions always available. Previous experience not necessary.

For more information, and to book, email Hesther at


Previous workshop participants have said:

“Hesther Bate is an ‘elder’, capable of helping me learn how to live. Guiding stories and wise elders are rarely encountered in our culture, and I strongly encourage you to spend time with both.”

“Hesther sets clear boundaries and skilfully keeps them in place, thus creating a very safe environment for what was to become an intense and deep dialogue between us all. I loved the opportunity to draw and write and to sit in deep thought and stillness.”

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