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Monica Jones

Monica Jones
Monica Jones

Monica Jones

Why I write

I’ve been writing since I was nine or ten. Poems, and (as an adult), essays and articles for magazines.

Lately, I have concentrated on biographies of adventurous women who led inspiring lives. I have a book about Æthelflæd, the female ruler who founded six towns in what became the Midlands and led her army into battle against invading Vikings. There’s a new one about the intrepid Victorian Egyptologist and novelist, Amelia Edwards.

At present, I’m writing about Mary Richards, a young African-American woman who during the Civil War posed as a slave to gather information for the federal government, in the home of the rebel president Jefferson Davis.

Learning about these fascinating people and their times is half the fun of it. I love it when a book comes into its final shape and is ready to share with the world. And going out and talking to groups about these amazing women.

If nothing else, researching and writing is a good way to keep me off the street and out of trouble.

Biographical Note

Margaret C. Jones / Monica Jones

I have published two biographies on feminist themes:
Founder, Fighter, Saxon Queen: Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians. Pen and Sword publishers, September 2018.

Heretics and Hellraisers: Women of The Masses, 1911-1917 (a study of early 20th-century US women radicals). University of Texas Press, 1993.

I have just finished writing Lady of the Nile: The Adventurous Life of Amelia Edwards

Recommended for publication by readers for Bloomsbury Academic Self-published:

Monica Jones, You Are Not Alone: A Guide to Understanding and Helping with Common Emotional and Mental Problems

Also published in Arabic, as Lastu Wahdak. (Translation by Magda Salem.)

Academic qualifications and Teaching:

I received my MA from the University College of North Wales in 1973, after which I went to teach in Egypt.

After living in Egypt for ten years, I moved to Indiana, to work for a PhD in American Studies. (Awarded by Purdue University, 1989.)

My last post before retirement was as a senior lecturer in English at the University of the West of England, Bristol, where I taught from 1992 to 1997.

1990-1992 Assistant Professor, Department of English, Central Washington University.

1972-1974 Teaching Assistant, Department of English, University of Alexandria, Egypt.