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Lydia Corbett

The Lion and the Lamb

Watercolour & Indian Silk (40x50cm)

Kitchen in Cameret

Watercolour & Indian Silk (50x50cm)

The Mirror Madonna (still life)

Watercolour & Indian Silk (40x50cm)

Talking to the Bird

Mixed media (50x75cm), framed

The Man Horse

Oil on canvas (85x117cm), framed

Japonica Flowers & Chinese Vase

Mixed media on board (51x67cm)

The Sylvette in the Sky

Mixed media on board (53x74cm)

The Angel of Inspiration

Mixed media, (50x76cm), unframed

Lydia Corbett

Lydia Corbett lives in South Devon and is a painter and ceramicist.
Her main body of work comprises of watercolours with pen and Indian ink, which depict her entire life. Lydia’s style has often been likened to that of Chagall.

As a small child she grew up free on a naturist island off the southern coast of France, moving during the war to a safe enclave in the eastern mountains.

Her mother and father were both reputable painters: this upbringing, and her chance meeting with Pablo Picasso are all factors influencing Lydia Corbett’s work. Latterly her style has changed with her age. Now 84 she paints predominantly in oils, in a bold and striking manner.