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Geothermal Energy Today!

James Robertshaw Invites Participation
in this exciting new project.

James Robertshaw set up the Oxford Environment Centre* in 2007 opened by David Cameron MP after being inspired by Rasjid Arthur, who was an environmental correspondent for the Scotsman, and a member of the Subud Oxford Group. James has saved money for many businesses in the private and public sector, being a qualified chartered accountant, so why not energy?

James wrote a paper on energy supply from the North Sea for Members of Parliament, and on global warming, and has been studying the energy market for years. Recently after some initiatives in his local church in Witney, it became evident with this knowledge that using the new technology now available, heat from a geothermal source could solve a lot of the country’s energy problems.

This is a big financial commitment. Ask yourself the question: Are you going to be brave and invest and do something? The heat and energy are there, it just needs tapping.


A lot more work has been done on this project and we are now ready to launch an investor’s pack, if anyone is interested, please contact me via the website:

James Robertshaw

*Various other Subud Members were involved in the OEC. Some wind turbine and solar panel technology was begun and has still to be developed.


Geothermal energy. Diagram showing the principles behind electricity generation from geothermal energy. Water is pumped deep underground into rocks such as granite, heated by volcanic activity below. The water is superheated, beyond normal boiling point, but remains liquid due to the pressure in the system. The superhot water passes through a heat exchanger, where it causes water to turn into steam. The steam powers generators that produce the electricity. The steam is recondensed into water in cooling towers. Excess steam can also be used for space heating and district water heating.