Stefan’s Year-end Greetings

Our News (Stefan’s eye-view)




This year when in Bulgaria we heard of a Rhodope mountain village where the dance and song traditions are very much alive and are being enthusiastically adopted by the young folk. With help from Bulgarian ethnographer (Nina) we are organising a trip there next July which will give us an in-depth experience of participating in local culture including a festival. Details at World Dance.

I also started a new project which will offer a range of creative courses next September on Paros: Art, Songwriting, Salsa, Harmony Voice, Bulgarian Singing and Bellydance. Visit our new website.

We’ve both been enjoying our 2 grandsons, Teo (approaching 5 years old) and Zain (almost 2) and Bethan’s been a very helpful,  hands-on grandma. I seem to be in a phase of choreographing and a new dance collection is in the pipeline for early next year – hopefully with DVD too!

Wishing you a wonderful and magical year ahead.

With warm greetings from Bethan & Stefan