Sofiah’s Recent Work

Sofiah Garrard – collagist

My work is ever changing and as soon as I feel comfortable with one way of working, it shifts.

I find myself drawing from real life much more, such as in the Graveyard collages which were drawn in France. The drawing precedes my adding my own “inside story” if you like – what I can’t see but imagine might be there!

I often start with the drawings and / or the acrylic paintings and afterwards add the textures and other elements.

“The Angel and the Fisherman” was a gentle response to my deep concern about our over-fishing, so the angel in the picture keeps a watchful eye on the catch. “Arrival in the Orient” came from watching small birds embark on their amazing journey each year, and thinking and wondering about what birds in other parts of the world might find when they arrive.

I don’t know what the next collages will be like but I have drawings and materials sitting in a box in my studio not quite beckoning but looking hopeful!

Sofiah Garrard
27 August 2013

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