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Sofiah Garrard

Sofiah studied at the (late) Folkestone School of Art and subsequently at Walthamstow College where Celia Birtwell was her tutor for textile design. Since then she has continued her creative development, broadening her experience as a painter and etcher, and further extending it into different media in her BA Hons. (Ed.). She has exhibited widely, showing her work in many venues, including the Chapter House in Canterbury Cathedral, the New Metropole Arts Centre, Folkestone, Canterbury Christ Church University, St. Gregory’s Centre, Norwich, and the Printmakers Council, London. She has also delivered self-initiated one and two-person exhibitions.
The first collaboration with Emmanuel Williams involved illustrating a book of his poetry this time it seemed like a good idea to repeat the process, but with a reverse twist. So a rich stream of mysterious collage pictures that are a culmination of her experience to date provide the material for the poet to illustrate. Sofiah’s work was featured in the inaugural exhibition of Green Chair Gallery where she is a partner and co-proprietor.

Artist’s statement:

My work continues to develop and change and my silk and collage series draws on past experience and new influences, especially from nature. It reflects variations in bright vibrant landscapes often enlivened by quirky little birds or birds on a journey. The latest collages in this exhibition come from rural scenes in peaceful environments, and muse over questions about what might really lie within or behind what you see.

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  1. Carolye 23 October 2012 at 5:34 am #

    Hi Sofiah,

    Fellow Subudian here. How much do you sell your collages for? I saw on that Emmanuel put on fb. Beautiful stuff!


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