Max Blond artist I became interested in art around the age of fifteen mainly through the influence of family interests and discussions concerning cultural issues. I made the decision to be an artist when I was eighteen during my A levels and subsequently started my art training at Bath academy of Fine Art the following year.

At the age of twenty one I was opened in Subud® after reading Bennett’s book “Concerning Subud®”.  I was, by this time, at the Slade School of Fine Art, London and did Latihan at the Muswell Hill Group. My paintings started to change after a few months in Subud® and by the end of one year they had dramatically evolved from large scale geometric images to very small figurative work.  From then onwards my work has developed in many different ways. My art has been and is inspired by the Latihan; painting that reflects inner feelings, receivings, purification, lower and higher forces and the differing realms of the spiritual and worldly aspects of life.

I work in the mediums of oil on canvas, watercolour and acrylic on paper, woodcut prints and also small scale sculpture.


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