Paloma’s Inspiration for Painting

Some comments about the painting call “El Notario”. He was my father. I painted it when I could stop crying after his death.

The one called “abstracto en ventana”… Well, I was here in 2010, in Mina Clavero, and my friend Elisa asked me to help her in choosing a colour for one wall of the house. I took a piece of cardboard and started mixing colours. Suddenly I felt again that strange feeling that sends me to another “space”. I worked during 2 hours without an idea about what I was doing. When I stopped I looked to that piece of cardboard and… I liked it! So I went to the garage, found an old, little window and framed the painting.


"El Notario"

“El Notario”

"Abstracto en Ventana"

“Abstracto en Ventana”


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  1. Claudia Quiceno Perez 8 June 2012 at 3:09 pm #

    Urgente contacto con Paloma de La Viña. Mariana Quiceno , Subud Colombia.

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