Our Subud Culture

Marius Grose (SICA Britain Co-ordinator) and Harry Norman (Deputy SICA Britain Co-ordinator) follow the lead of the founder of Subud and take the view that almost any activity has the potential for human inspiration. We believe that poaching an egg is potentially as much part of human culture and inspiration as high opera. In 2012 we started taking an interest in the culture of our Subud community in Britain.

These two PowerPoint Presentations show some of the work we did. They are, of course, incomplete without a presenter speaking as you view them – but they give you a flavour of what we were up to. Please note that following the tradition of PowerPoint Presentations, quotations from people we interviewed are kept short and lack quotation marks. Enjoy!

Please download these presentations and view on your computer or save the PDF to view at any time.

2012 Congress Presentation
2013 Congress Presentation

For restricted content that refers to Subud, especially the talks, please access the members’ page by entering the password on the ‘Members Only’ page.


[Password Hint – the name of our spiritual advisor, the eldest daughter of our founder, six lower-case letters beginning with the letter “r”]

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