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Marius’ Macro Plant Photography

The photographs of flowers and plant parts are from a series that I have entitled Plant Alphabet. The title is taken from the German photographer Karl Blossfelt’s. His pioneering work in macro photography in the 1920’s and 30’s has inspired me. The idea is simple, to take macro or close up photographs of plants that grow in my garden in central Bristol. Eventually I hope to have images that cover all the letters of the alphabet.

I tend to work indoors rather than in the field as this gives me greater control over lighting and not having to work against wind and rain. I often shoot against a black background as this has a magical effect on colours making them seem richer and deeper. A plain background also allows the viewer to see the image without being distracted.

I was first drawn to this form of photography as an art student. I became fascinated that when the lens focuses in close up objects plants can be transformed. Structures of leaves and stems become like architecture, the silky texture of a petal is a sensous delight to the eye. Within common plants is a wealth of images that passes unseen most of the time. I also like working at the macro level for the technical challenges it offers the photographer. Focus and depth of field are often knife edge settings, a slight nudge of the focus ring or vibration as the shutter opens can make the difference between a sharp focused image and a blurred photograph that destined for the reject bin.

In addition to macro work I also like to get out on the street and take photographs of life as it happens. This form of photography is close to how I make my living in television as a freelance editor.

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  1. Ismanah 11 June 2012 at 11:21 am #

    Dear Marius – so wonderful to see your fantastic macro work!
    All the best …

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