Marius Grose’s Abstracts

These images are a sample of unofficial street art derived from the scratchings and scrapes of paint that are around us all the time. Paint on walls, on the roads, on rusting sheets of metal cladding, configurations of colour, texture and decay. The ugly detritus of modern city life or abstract images of great beauty littering our environment, waiting to be discovered. Sometimes it is difficult to get from one end of a street to another if I have a camera in my hand, once sensitised to this outsider, or literally outside art, I am bombarded with potential photographs. This interest in making abstract images from such seemingly unpromising material is allied to the macro images of plant parts and flowers that are already published on the SICA Britain website. The transforming power of the close up and careful framing takes the mundane into a different realm. Yes it is possible to work out the source material or just let the image stand as an abstract statement. We make art without meaning to every day on every street.

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Marius has a wonderful selection of Macro Plant Photography, see some examples here.

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