Maia Spall

I live in Whitstable and am inspired by the special light around the Kent Coast and the influence of its surrounding rural landscape. Having previously spent so many years in London I experience a strong impact from this very different environment, which is reflected in my current paintings.

I grew up in Southeast London and as child there were places that stimulated my imagination, a gateway near to the park, the wall of a house, left standing from the war, with a church steeple behind it that I stared at from the living room window. Such special places were known only to me and were full of mystery and adventure.

My process of painting is similar to these past childhood journeys. While investigating the materials I am using – oils, acrylics, gloss paints, spray paints inks, crayons, pastels – the canvas becomes a space to explore; a special place where struggle and conflict are all part of the adventure. These landscapes, which may result from a memory or a sketch, provide a vehicle for an emotional narrative.

Painting and drawing from the life model is an activity I always return to. I am caught up in the complex beauty of the specific pose within the atmospheric space surrounding it; and I am challenged by the discipline that the process demands.

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    Love your stuff!

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