Materials used:

Oil, oil pastel, polyfilla, cold wax, charcoal, kitchen fork, sticks, brushes, knives on board. A radio and a guitar at hand are beneficial, and oh!, a cup of tea.

In some cases I am mindful of what forms I would like to convey but the work will invariably move into something else as I explore and learn about colour and the relationship between forms placed in the painting providing questions like ‘how does one force work / influence the other?’.

I am being instructed and informed by this medium, it is both a delight and a challenge to paint and I like that dynamic. Some pieces are made swiftly, others require more involvement or are painted over.

I would rather the viewer interpret what they see and provide their own title and story because of their own personal association to the work . The titles I give are merely a suggestion and may come up during or after the work is finished, providing my own connection.

State of Arriving

State of Arriving


At primary school in East Coker we were encouraged to illuminate letters at the beginning of History essays, the paper was foolscap so you could reduce the volume of words to allow space for the illustration (I liked those odds). My first experience of seeing and reproducing cave paintings. Thank you Mr and Mrs Aitken.

Secondary school: Art was the only subject in which I could express myself fully, with gratitude to the teacher Mr Speck who was also a jazz devotee.

Both my children studied fine art and I inherited their remaining painting materials when they’d completed their studies, and I have built upon this ever since.


Joy in simplicity.


Hayward Slater

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