Green Chair Gallery’s Current Exhibition

Vivid Imaginings – Sofiah Garrard

Exhibition dates: 16 November 2013 – 20 December 2013


Sailing into Gigantium

Sailing into Gigantium

Sofiah Garrard

Sofiah studied at Folkestone School of Art, and subsequently at Walthamstow College of Art where Celia Birtwell was her tutor for textile design. Since then she has continued her creative development, broadening her experience as a painter and etcher, further extending it into different media in her BA(Hons.). More recently she has brought it all together in the collages she is now producing.

Sofiah has shown her work in many venues, including Canterbury Cathedral’s Chapter House, the New Metropole Arts Centre Folkestone, Canterbury Christ Church University, St. Gregory’s Centre Norwich, the Printmakers Council London, the Horsebridge Gallery Whitstable, Green Chair Gallery and elsewhere. She has also delivered her own one and two-person exhibitions.

Sofiah’s series of abstract designs on silk were featured in the inaugural exhibition of Green Chair Gallery where she is a partner and co-proprietor. In 2012 Green Chair Gallery published a book of collages illustrated by poems by Emmanuel Williams.

Sofiah’s work is in many private collections in the UK, USA, Australia and Europe


My work is ever-changing and as soon as I feel comfortable, it shifts.
I find myself drawing from real life much more, such as in the French graveyard collages in this exhibition. This drawing precedes my own “inside story” – what I can’t see but imagine just might be there!
I often start with the drawings and/or acrylic paintings, afterwards adding the textures and other elements.
“The Angel and the Fisherman” was a gentle response to my deep concern about over-fishing, so the angel keeps a watchful eye on the catch. “Graveyard at Louesme” came from my experiencing the mystery and solitude, and wondering what could really be going on there!
I don’t know what will come next but a “balloon grower” is starting to show his face!

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